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Thad Smith is a multi-award winning Director and Producer who co-founded the commercial film production company, One-Eighty Films, in 1999.  Mr. Smith conceived X Factor Advertising, an international marketing firm whose business spans 12 countries and includes advertising campaigns for many fortune 500 companies. Smith has created concepts and business models that have won praise throughout the industry for their forward thinking approach. Thad directed and executive produced Everyman’s War.


Allan Lemley co-founded One-Eighty Films and has produced for Oregon Public Broadcasting, and was Broadcast Producer for Wieden+Kennedy.  Mr. Lemley is currently a principle with X Factor Entertainment Group and One-Eighty Films as well as an Executive Producer for Everyman’s War.


Mike Nealy, the former owner of Global Events Group was responsible for the marketing and promotion of all Paramount Releases in the Western Region of the US. In addition he managed GEG for more than 20 years promoting and producing large-scale events from arena concerts to the GI Joes Grand Prix races at PIR for over 10 years.  Declining a direct job offer from Jeffrey Katzenburg  while at Disney Studios  because it would require moving his family to LA, Mike Nealy continued on as the Marketing Director for hundreds of Fox, Universal and Disney releases. Mike has now joined One Eighty Films, Inc. and serves as One Eighty Films- COO.

Tim Planagan- Director of Operations

Tim Planagan joined One-Eighty films in 2009, producing the motion picture group’s feature film, Everyman’s War and became a writer, director, and General Production Manager for the company. In May of 2011, Tim began producing and directing commercials for One-Eighty Films’ sister company, X Factor Advertising.

He has written three episodes of the WWll episodic television series, COMBAT REPORT and directed two episodes. In 2016 Tim became the Executive Director of Operations for X Factor Advertising, where he currently oversees the companies daily operations and manages their global advertising and recruitment efforts.

Markie- Vice President

Markie is the real boss at One-Eighty Films and serves as head of security to Thad's office. You can find him spending time roaming the hallways, picking on dogs far bigger then him, and trying to coax employees into bringing their hands near his mouth.

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